Royal- descendant of Scottish and Dutch immigrants. very proud Canadian. bleeding heart snowflake. empath. feminist. witchy woman. loudmouth. mother. wife. friend. confidant. unschooler for life. 90's grunger turned gangsta rap aficionado. foodie. crafter. open minded. proud athiest. appreciator of swear words. believer in Dutch bluntness. 
Dave- father. husband. friend. jokester. lover of all things 80's. converse wearer for life. 90's grunger. proud Canadian. feminist. chef. family man. nostalgia fan. go jays!
Bird and Bear Shop is run by a husband and wife team. It was started by Royal as a bath and body shop, Bird and Bear Bath, in 2016. When the covid-19 pandemic hit, Royal started making cloth face masks and instantly couldn't keep up. Dave offered to help with cutting fabric, thread trimming and elastic inserting and instantly Bird and Bear Shop was born. They started printing their own masks through a process called sublimation and slowly started adding more handmade products and wholesale items.