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White Sage Hem backflow incense cones

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$10.00 CAD
  • 40 cones
  • White Sage, a plant from the mint family, has been used for centuries by Native Americans, for their purification and healing sessions. It is believed that burning its dry leaves, bundled into smudge sticks, cleanses a space, person, or object from negative energy
  • Backflow incense Cones are made for Backflow incense burners
  • Cones are designed with a hole underneath to allow smoke to flow
  • Smoke cascades downwards
  • Works with backflow incense burners
  • NOTE: Backflow cone incense holders should be placed in a windless environment otherwise the magic of smoke pouring down like a waterfall won’t work.
  • Please note: Always be conscious of where you burn your incense and what it might come in contact with. To prevent staining, enjoy your backflow incense by placing the burner on top of an easy-to-clean surface, plate or cover your surface before use.
  • Never leave burning backflow incense unattended and promptly tend to any staining with household cleaner and/or warm water and a cleaning towel.