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Bird And Bear

Light Green cotton mask

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$5.50 CAD
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$5.50 CAD
  • These masks have easily resizeable elastic. 
  • One size fits most adults
  • 2 layers of quilters fabric as recommended. 100% cotton
  • Spot to insert wire or pipe cleaner in top of nose
  • Opening in bottom to insert filter. 
  • Wash hot. Dryer medium. Too hot may melt elastic. 
  • Wash before wearing
  • There are no returns on this item
  • Elastic Slots: You can put in strings if you prefer, larger or smaller elastic. Just snip off the old elastic put a safety pin through new elastic or strings and feed the new elastic or strings through the slots at the side. If the elastic is too loose, just turn it until the knot is visible, undo it and make it tighter and then hide the knot back in the seam.